1-on-1 Video Analysis

Includes freestyle stroke correction, drills and
comparisons to the world’s best.

Follow-up Sessions

 Embed and extend what you’ve learned in the video analysis

Open Water Skills

Simulate your event and
overcome fears.

We help you swim fast!

Swim fast! Start today!

1-on-1 Video Analysis

First you need to see it, then you need to feel what it takes to make it happen.

What we do?

Our 90 minute 1-on-1 session includes:


  • Above and below water from a range of angles that identify technique focus areas.

Stroke Analysis

  • Our analysis software allows us to review your stroke in-depth and show you exactly where your weaknesses lie.
  • We compare you to elite swimmers to see “what it should look like”.

Corrective Drills

  • We select specific drills to correct your weaknesses and demonstrate these visually to ensure you
    understand what to do.
  • Drills are then practiced in the pool with immediate coach to swimmer feedback via a radio headset
    whilst you swim uninterrupted.

What you get:

  • Clear summary explaining what you have been doing and what you need to do now, to swim fast.
  • Summary uses examples of elites to ensure the correct visual reference.
  • Drills cheat sheet to use at the poolside.
  • All raw videos.
  • Swimfast swimming cap – guaranteed to shave a few seconds off!

Sessions are run in a private, 25m, heated, open air swimming pool, based in Bryanston.

Fine-Tune sessions

The fine-tune sessions are for those swimmers who have completed the 1-on-1 video analysis session and want to embed their corrected technique.

It is recommended that this session take place after you have had time to practice the drills given to you in the 1-on-1 video analysis session (but within 3 months of the one-on one video analysis).

What we do?

This 60 min session includes:


  • A short video of your stroke from above and below water.

Stroke Analysis

  • Our analysis software allows us to review your stroke specifically around the corrections you have made to your technique.

Corrective Drills

  • Drills are then reviewed in the pool, with immediate coach-to-swimmer feedback via a radio headset
    whilst you swim uninterrupted, to ensure you are getting maximum benefit in practice.

What you get:

  • See your improvement and focus areas – All raw video, including coaches voice overlay, shared electronically.
  • “Open Water Swimming Skills and Tips” electronic document.

Sessions are run in a private, 25m, heated, open air swimming pool, based in Bryanston.

Open water skills

Open water skills training is the last but probably the most overlooked area of
triathlon/open water swimming coaching.
These sessions are held at Lake Heritage. We simulate mass starts, drafting and
sighting techniques, as well as put in some distance training.

What we do?

  • With your permission, you will be added to the “swimfast cradle moon” admin only whatsapp group.
  • We aim for one open water swim per month (during the summer months and depending on events being held
    at the venue),
  • We swim in Lake Heritage, situated at Cradle Moon Lakeside game lodge in Muldersdrift. ( Plot 59 Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift. Tel: 011 919 5000)
  • For safety, it is recommended that you use a safe-swimmer tow float.
  • Entrance to Cradle Moon is for your own account.
  • This is not for beginners


One-on-one Video Analysis

90 mins, one-on-one video,
analysis, drills and take homes.

Fine-Tune Sessions

60 mins, one-on-one video analysis of
corrections and improvements and take homes (to be undertaken within 3 months of the full one-on-one video analysis)

Open Water Skills

Last Sunday of the month casual swim at Cradle Moon.

Gift Card

Don’t know what to get your
swimming and triathlon mad friend, spouse or family member? The swim fast video stroke analysis package will definitely make them smile. They wil thank you when they swim fast!

About Us

This Johannesburg north swim coach program, is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their freestyle swimming; from beginner to intermediate triathlete or advanced distance swimmer. Video analysis provides phenomenal insights into your swim stroke and combined with coach analysis, is a winning formula for helping people to swim fast!

Using video techniques, specific coaching analysis software and immediate underwater coach-to-swimmer communication, we guarantee you freestyle efficiency and performance will improve. You will swim faster!

Having completed a number of triathlons, open water swims (including podium finishes and Robben Island 2x) and an
intercontinental swim (Straits of Gibraltar), Sue understands the dedication and time it takes to reach swim training goals.
Hammering up and down the pool for hours, week in and week out with minimal time improvements is soul destroying! It’s
mentally tough and the sacrifices are numerous.

Swimfast has evolved out of Sue’s passion for swimming, years of experience as an open water swimmer and a strong desire to help others.

Sue can help you make the training time spent in the water, highly efficient and effective. She can help you transform your
swimming and improve your performance.


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